Sharengo. A silent revolution

Why Sharengo

  • Our cars are environmentally friendly since they are electric, producing no air and noise pollution. You can find them parked around the city, book them using your smartphone and park them wherever you like.

  • The more you need it, the less it costs. Mileage is unlimited and with our Minute Packages, your ride can cost under 0,22 €/min. Night time rides are even more advantageous for women and the more you drive the more rewards you get.

  • The cars are at your disposal whenever you need.  There are no access restrictions to the centre of the city and you can always park for free. They’re easy and fun to drive, and you never have to worry about the battery running out. We’ll deal with that


Download the App

If you use other operating services you can book the car via our web app.



Discover how to make the most of Sharengo

  • Subscribing is fast and simple
  • Book and start your ride in an instant
  • Easy and fun to drive
  • You can go (almost) anywhere
  • Park for free, wherever you like
  • Pay-per-minute with no distance limitations

To contact us call the Customer Service at this number 0586 1975772, use the chat or write us.