ABOUT US - Sharengo

Sharengo is the first totally electric car sharing in Europe.


More than a car

In the city Sharengo electric cars are all you need and even more: a fast and urban navigation system, through the onboard computer, which recommends routes, advices and keeps you connected to the city.
Sharengo takes you to any location you want to reach at such a low price that using your private car becomes not convenient anymore.

  • 80 km/h maximum speed
  • 300 litre car boot
  • 2 seater drive
  • Parking sensors
  • Onboard navigation system
  • Onboard stereo sound

An eco friedly project

An eight year-long passion for technological advancement allowed Sharengo to bring a fleet of 1500 ZD cars next to your door. In Italy thanks to Sharengo users 6,11 tons of polluting emissions have been saved on a daily basis, meaning better breathing air, less traffic congestion and noise pollution in our cities.

  • 70 miles of range
  • Not polluting
  • An intelligent car
  • Connected to the city

Where in Europe

Sharengo is already active in Rotterdam, Holland, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Košice, Slovakia. In addition to develop our service in more countries and cities in Europe, Sharengo ambition is to explore new sustainable service, such as MYSHARENGO, and other ways of sharing like for companies and condos.

  • We stand with companies that choose electric mobility
  • Part of the new mobility hubs in metropolitan areas
  • Complementary to Public Transport
  • We support sustainable mobility