Share'n Go


1. Registering is fast and simple

Subscribe to share’ngo in just a few minutes through this page. All you need is your driver’s licence, fiscal code and a bank card (credit, debit or prepaid). Registering costs €5 and comprises 15 minutes of driving time, as well as the official Share’ngo card (to open the car without your smartphone) sent straight to your door.


2. Book and drive in under a minute

Search for the vehicle nearest you and book it up to 20 minutes in advance, either through our iOS and Android developed app, or via the web app.


3. Easy and fun to drive!

Share’ngo’s electric car is easy and fun to drive. Features include 120km of autonomy, a maximum speed of 80km/hr, the performance advantages typical of electric vehicles and the comfort of a small city car. Driven like an automatic car, it also has parking sensors, led lights, electric windows, airconditioning, stereo and navigation system.


4. It takes you (almost) everywhere

The areas of service in Milan, Rome and Florence cover the entire centre of the city, including low-emission areas like restricted acces zones and Area C in Milan, which can be driven through free of charge.
The cars can also be driven outside the area of service, as long as they are parked within its boundaries. These are clearly delineated in your navigation system. However, it’s not possible to drive in pedestrian areas, preferential lanes and on the highway.


5. Every ride is a discovery and a surprise

The onboard navigator is a treasure trove of information, suggestions and advice. When you drive, you’ll find out about a number of benefits and programmes reserved for members including Shop’ngo, Show’ngo and Sport’ngo including: free parking at supermarkets, bonus minutes when you drive to the cinema and discounts in shops, restaurants, gyms and more.


6. Park free of charge, wherever you like

No more parking tickets! With Share’ngo cars, you can park wherever you like, for free, both in resident-reserved parking areas and public pay-to-park spaces. You’ll never have to worry about recharging them. We’ll handle that.


7. Worry-free driving

Our vehicles are covered by a complete insurance policy with a cap of €10.000.000 and insurance against theft and other hazards. There are also guarantees in place against vandalism, climatic events, car or obstacle collision and the cars being derailed or completely overturned.


8. Payment made simply and only when you use it

Share’ngo has adopted a personalised payment method: the more you need it, the less it costs. The average price is € 0.24/min. Ride costs are added to your card and can be checked and verified using the Reserved Customer Area.

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