How to use a Sharengo car

Never driven an electric Sharengo before? Do not miss our video tutorial.
Driving is easy: 120 km of autonomy, 80 km / h, brilliant recovery, the comfort of a city car with automatic transmission, parking sensors, LED lights, electric windows, radio and navigator.


Easy Sign up

MYSHARENGO Sign up is fast, easy and cost you 1€ only. After writing on the form your personal details, such as driving license and social security number, get your account started paying 1€ fee through your credit card. You do not need to sign up if you already have a pre-existent Sharengo account.


Pick Up & Delivery at the Sharengo Point

Once you have decided which is your best choice click here, login to your personal area and select the rent rate you want. You will receive a prompt confirmation email from the Customer Service, followed by further details and instructions to finalize your request and the pick up of the car, with MYSHARENGO Kit included, at the Sharengo Point nearest to you.
You can even choose to have a Pick Up and Delivery service at home or wherever you prefer at an extra cost of 50€.


Do not pollute and drive safely

MYSHARENGO cars do not pollute, are electric, sanitized, with hand disinfectant gel on board. The monthly rate include insurance and maintenance cost. You can charge the car, using the cable supplied, either at home or at your office,as you may use the charging stations for electric cars spread in your town through the app or the card of local electric provider.


Go anywhere

Free entrance in the Town Center. You’re free to go outside the operational area and beyond the municipal area. No mileage limit. You’re not allowed driving in pedestrian areas, bus lanes and highway. A family member can drive the car.


Free parking

Sharengo drivers get free parking lots in public paid park areas, including those reserved for residents.


Drive safely

RCA coverage is guaranteed on our vehicles, covered by a theft and fire insurance policy up to € 10,000,000.

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