Women Night Voucher

A special package meant for women only, who can enjoy the night and go home safely. You buy it when you want and use it on the first night ride from 1 to 6 am. Expires within a month.

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3€ 30 min

... and for your birthday

Sharengo gives you 30 minutes free , which you can use within a week.

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Welcome package
Available only upon registration. Expires within 3 months. Get it now
5€ 21 min0,24€/min
Fast Ride
Ideal for the occasional user who makes from 2 to 3 rides per month. Expires within 3 months. Get it now
24€ 100 min0,24€/min
Perfect for those who run from 8 to 10 times in a month. Expires within 3 months. Get it now
46€ 200 min0,23€/min
Best Rider
Reserved for the heavy users who run from 15 to 20 times a month, it’s the cheapest rate available. Expires within 3 months. Get it now
99€ 450 min0,22€/min
If you want to have a Sharengo 24h for you only, the package expires after 24 hours from the moment you've bought it. Get it now
50€ 1440 min0,03€/min


You pay a Sharengo only when you need it and it’s all included: car tax, insurance, parking, both in pay-to-park areas and in those reserved for residents.
And do not worry about charging cost and time: we’ll take care of those!

Standard rates
Basic rate
Daily rate
Extra fee due for the following areas in Florence: Ugnano Mantignano, Quinto, Careggi, La Lastra.
Reservation (for 20 min.) Free
Parked car minutes rate is equal to the ride one From 0.28€/min to 0.22€/min
Sharengo do not charge for extra kilometers Mileage for a single ride is unlimited.