How Sharengo works

Never driven an electric Sharengo before? Do not miss our video tutorial.
Driving is easy: 120 km of autonomy, 80 km / h, brilliant recovery, the comfort of a city car with automatic transmission, parking sensors, LED lights, electric windows, radio and navigator. And we’re taking care of charging.


Video tutoria Sharengo


Easy Sign up

Sharengo Sign up is fast, easy and cost you 1€ only. After writing on the form your personal details, such as driving license and social security number, get your account started paying 1€ fee through your credit card.


Booking and moving

Through our iOS and Android apps or web app you can book your car among those closer to you on the city map just selecting BOOK CAR. You have 20 minutes free to reach the vehicle and remind: in addition to your smartphone you can open the door with the Sharengo Card as well.


Go anywhere and free parking

Free entrance in the Town Center. We defined a service operational area where you can move, you may drive outside, but you must close the ride within the operational area. You’re not allowed driving in pedestrian areas, bus lanes and highway.
Sharengo drivers get free parking lots in public paid park areas, including those reserved for residents.


Drive safely

RCA coverage is guaranteed on our vehicles, covered by a theft and fire insurance policy up to € 10,000,000. Some additional ancillary services are included, such as damages due to vandalism, atmospheric events; collision with other vehicles and obstacles, road exits, rollovers.


Pay as you use

Each ride will be charged on your credit card. You can check how many runs you’ve done and how much you’ve payed in your Reserved Area, where you can even buy our Minute Packages which best suit your needs.